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The Business of Being Born

I absolutely love this documentary. It is very informative and makes you think deeply about what we are allowing to be done to our bodies- and to our babies.

While in this day and age people are starting to become more aware, there are still many people who would rather be left in the dark. It is time we take control of our health, our bodies, our lives. We can not always depend on people to tell us what to do. We have to make our own choices- informed choices. In order to make informed choices, we need to educate ourselves. There are loads of books, videos, groups, etc that we can take advantage of. What are you waiting for?

I usually have my clients watch this documentary, an by the end they see things from a different perspective, and feel the need to investigate more about the practices done in the medical healthcare systems. I recommend this documentary to anyone!

Happy watching!

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