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Your sacred nest for the ultimate postpartum healing experience...

Proud Parents

The Story

The Postpartum Sanctuary Retreat was designed as a space for new mothers to heal following birth. Our goal is to treat mothers to an experience that will help them immensely as they transition into the parenting journey. We recognize the dire need of postpartum healing and care for mothers and would like to be a part of what improves the statistics that proves that mothers in this country are not well cared for and we aim to change that.

At The Postpartum Sanctuary Retreat, mothers will receive round the clock care, assistance with newborn care and the chance to rest, nutritious meals daily, and incorporation of traditional postpartum healing practices such as belly binding and the use of herbs to aid in recovery. We also will equip parents with the knowledge needed to continue healing at home through our interactive classes and support circles.

The Care

A space to rest & recover...

Imagine being able to rest and receive round the clock care! The rooms at our retreat are designed for comfort and healing. We want you to leave The Postpartum Sanctuary Retreat refreshed and well-rested!

Newborn Baby

The Plan

Phase 1: Trials

Our team will launch three trial retreats for the 5-day package. The trial retreats will be hosted a beautiful Airbnb in Farmington Hills, MI. We can welcome four mothers/couples at a time. Each couple will have their own bathroom located next to their room.

 Our goal is to eventually secure a space so that we can operate year-round to better accommodate the needs of our guests and the community!


Phase 2: Assess Demand


Upon completion of our trial retreats, we will then seek the feedback of our guests so that we can ensure quality of care and address needs for improvement. Your feedback matters!

Phase 3: Hotel Partnership/Long-term Location 


Based on the demand, we will then seek to secure partnership with local hotels or alternative plan so that we can accommodate more families and set The Postpartum Sanctuary Retreat up for success.


Phase 4: Packages


We plan to offer additional package options for 3 and 7 day stays as well as add on services such as massage, chiropractic care, and in-home postpartum doula and lactation support upon discharge.


The Package Fees






*5 DAYS*






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